Olga Grekulova, the president of the Association of Dietology and Nutrition, the director and founder of the IVTherapy Clinic, spoke about health, beauty and the global trend for intravenous vitamin cocktails in the interview for KyivPost. So we have selected the most interesting parts of her interview especially for you.

Modern life in megacities gives us new opportunities as well as new challenges every day. In the stream of work, projects, meetings and countless other things, we are losing truly a essential resource — energy! The energy that gives us strength to realize our goals and ambitions. But where do we obtain this vital resource? How do we “recharge our batteries»? How do we live to the fullest? How do we improve our immune system? Intravenous vitamin therapy is a global trend that has long been popular in the USA, Japan and European countries is now in Ukraine! So why can such a simple medical procedure become a panacea for those who want to “survive” in today’s world!

Vitamin cocktails — self-love and maintenance of good health

In th globalized world, the flow of information, stress, adverse environment, workload, we are increasingl experiencing chronic fatigue and even ailments. And to add to all that, not the best quality of food is a loss of strength, a weakened immune system, vitamin and minerals in the body is inevitable. Therefore, more and more people in the world choose a healthy lifestyle as well as natural healing methods. A vitamin cocktail is an intravenous infusion therapy. The latest fashion in Ukrainian medical care. This method will help restore the body with a deficiency of nutrients, stress and past diseases in the shortest possible time. Indeed, through infusions, 90% of useful vitamins and antioxidants enter the human body, unlike pills and syrups, the digestibility percentage of which is only 60%

Most often, doctors prescribe vitamin therapy in the following cases:

Health and Beauty Infusion — World Experience

The director and owner of IVTherapy Medical Centre Olga Grekulova, one of the first to introduce intravenous vitamin therapy in Ukraine, notes:

Vitamin infusion therapy in Ukraine is a relatively recent trend in the industry of health, beauty and youth. But the procedure is already in demand! We are visited by women and men who wish to improve their well-being, obtain radiant appearance, lose weight, recover from long-term illnessses, jet lag, and cope with a hangover. The procedure allows you to quickly and efficiently deliver nutrients to the cells. Unlike pills , vitamin infusions possess a high bioavailability.

IVTherapy Clinic — we were one of the first!

IVTherapy Medical Centre was one of the first in Ukraine to start providing vitamin therapy services in the country. The clinic, unlike other salon-type centres that also offer the same infusion therapy services, meets all the international standards. A team of professionals with medical qualification, spacious rooms for procedures, modern equipment are all at a high level. At IVTherapy, everyone can help their body. Cocktails with a complex of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to tone up, restore the body after stress, overwork and past diseases, eliminate visible signs of skin aging.

After the procedure, patients can get some rest in a special relaxation room while having a cup of delicious tea. You can also come here with a big company of friends so that everyone can get healthier with a vitamin cocktail.

Will the procedure itself be painful? According to the owner of IVTherapy, Olga Grekulova herself, the procedure is absolutely painless. And many patients sometimes even fall asleep during cocktail infusion.

The director and founder of IVTherapy Medical Centre Olga Grekulova also confirms:

Of course, our clinic has all the necessary licences for providing medical services and meets all the requirements in Ukrainian legislation. We are an Associate Member of the United States Academy of Aesthetic Medicine International Academy of Aesthetics. Our vitamin cocktails are developed in collaboration with the International Academy of Aesthetics California International Academy of Aesthetics (IAA). We employ highly qualified medical staff that takes into account the health indicators of patients. The doctor selects an individual complex of vitamin cocktails in the right dosage after the patient takes a special test.»
Every day, in our pursuit for achieving goals, we do not notice how we lose our health, both physical and emotional. Therefore, sometimes it is worth just stopping and «reloading your system». And it is advisable to do so in the office of a professional doctor, enjoying a cocktail for your health and beauty!